Transparency and Alignment.

Transparency and Alignment.


We invest capital on behalf of institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals. Our team strives to create value for investors through our deal sourcing capabilities, structuring expertise and active management of our investment portfolio.

Our strategy focuses on investment opportunities that require between $5-25 million of equity capital. We believe this lower middle market segment is underserved, as the equity size is often too large for syndications of high net worth investors and too small for larger institutional funds. We adopt a hands-on approach and target undervalued assets with a high potential to enhance value at the operational level.

Investor Updates

Transparency and Alignment.

Consistent focus in the lower middle market

One of a limited number of diversified allocator real estate funds investing in the lower middle market

Long-term investment track record

Demonstrated ability to perform through multiple market cycles

Alignment of interests

Through substantial Argosy fund commitments alongside investors and broad team participation in carried interest.

Transparent Fiduciary Standards

Investment advisor with sophisticated operations and institutional back office resources.

Strong focus on risk management

Sophisticated structuring and risk management practices at both the property and fund level

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We pride ourselves on being responsive to our investors while providing a high level of transparency.

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